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Kristen Worak
The Legality of Assessing Court Costs Against Kentucky's Indigent Criminals: Kentucky's High Court Should Reverse Itself HTML or PDF
Stacey A. Blankenship
How to Avoid Police Liability HTML or PDF
Reducing Jail Liability by Utilizing the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) 
Lisa H. Emmons
Residential Real Estate Purchases and Neighborhood Restrictions HTML or PDF
Geordie D. Garatt
Americans with Disability, The Family Medical Leave Act and State Workers' Compensation HTML or PDF
Investigating a Sexual Harassment Complaint: An Employers' Guide  HTML or PDF
Robert W. Goff
Reflect before communicating when in a dispute HTML or PDF
Low interest rates can help avoid estate, gift taxes HTML or PDF
Guard proprietary info with a non-compete agreement HTML or PDF
Five things your attorney can do when you're buying a business HTML or PDF
Basics about power of attorney HTML or PDF
If you say you're a charity, what does the IRS say? HTML or PDF
Carring of firearms in your place of business HTML or PDF
Where does it say I waived my right to trial? HTML or PDF
Devil's in the details HTML or PDF
Be careful when signing guarantee agreements HTML or PDF
Individuals face liability for income tax, FICA withholding HTML or PDF
The beneficiary-controlled spendthrift trust HTML or PDF
Major Changes to the Estate Tax and Gift Tax HTML or PDF
Does your corporation really limit your liability? HTML or PDF
Consider worker's compensation insurance HTML or PDF
Stay Current with the Secretary of State HTML or PDF
Sellers Beware: Watch what you say about your products. HTML or PDF
Employers: Pay what you agree, on time HTML or PDF
Like-kind property exchanges can avoid gains taxes HTML or PDF
Gift tax will hit hard in 2011 unless law changes HTML or PDF
Getting married? Consider a prenuptial agreement HTML or PDF
Ted S. Hutchins
The Kentucky Probate Process and How to Avoid It  HTML or PDF
The Like-Kind Exchange and Recent Developments in Section 1031 Law HTML or PDF
The Pitfalls Of Dying Without Proper Estate Planning In Kentucky:  Five Good Reasons To Prepare A Will HTML or PDF
Understanding the Limited Liability Company HTML or PDF
Farmers Can Benefit from Like-Kind Exchanges When Buying or Selling Land, Farmers' Quarterly, West Kentucky News, HTML or PDF
David L. Kelly
I've Been Sued on What Project? HTML or PDF
Reevaluating Arbitration as a Way to Resolve a Construction Dispute HTML or PDF
I'm from the Government and I'm Here to Help HTML or PDF
Kentucky Fairness in Construction Act HTML or PDF
Thomas J. Keuler
Most small businesses perform best as LLCS HTML or PDF
Various state, federal laws protect older workers HTML or PDF
Employers bear considerable sexual harassment liability HTML or PDF
Arbitration: a faster, cheaper option than business litigation HTML or PDF
Take steps to protect your business after you die HTML or PDF
Avoiding breach of contract: Deal with an honorable person HTML or PDF
Contracts: Performance means doing what you promise HTML or PDF
Cover your bases when dealing with contracts HTML or PDF
Kentucky Fairness in Construction Act protects contractors and subs HTML or PDF
Be careful: Guaranty agreements can bite you HTML or PDF
Paducah’s revised tax code: new rules and liabilities HTML or PDF
Regulations and agreements protect bosses, workers HTML or PDF
A tree is a lovely thing - until it falls on your house HTML or PDF
Employers should take the Family Leave Act seriously HTML or PDF
Know your stuff before deciding to buy a business HTML or PDF
Know your liability under the Kentucky Workers' Compensation Act HTML or PDF
Protecting bankruptcy claim requires fundamental knowledge HTML or PDF
What constitutes work under Kentucky's Wages and Hours Law? HTML or PDF
So, just how good is that corporate shield? HTML or PDF
Contracts - Read 'Em or Weep HTML or PDF
Avoiding discrimination in pre-employment HTML or PDF
COBRA insurance: Don't get left holding the bag HTML or PDF
Three Things All Entrepreneurs Should Know HTML or PDF
Kentucky Fairness in Construction Act HTML or PDF
Mechanic, Materialman, and Professional Liens under Kentucky Law  HTML or PDF
Real Estate Foreclosure Under Kentucky Law HTML or PDF
Walter R. Luttrull
Department Of Labor Issues "Fair Pay" Regulations Revising White Collar Overtime Exemptions HTML or PDF
Residential Real Estate Purchases and Neighborhood Restrictions HTML or PDF
Understanding the Limited Liability Company HTML or PDF
William E. Pinkston
Practical Guide to Workers' Compensation: The Employer's Perspective  HTML or PDF
W. David Denton
Joint Sewer Agency Law In Kentucky HTML or PDF
Melissa D. Yates
I Don't Want to Talk About It...Things to Consider When Executing a Living Will  HTML or PDF
In Consideration of Aging  HTML or PDF
Understanding the Community Spouse Resource Allowance HTML or PDF
Utilizing the Qualified Income Trust  to Reduce the Income of a Medicaid Applicant or Recipient  HTML or PDF

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